Technical Analysis for Investors

Module Summary

  • Part One: Setting Up Your Charts
  • Part Two: Moving Averages
  • Part Three: A Trader’s Method
  • Part Four: A Trader’s Money
  • Part Five: A Trader’s Mindset
  • Part Six: Market Breadth Tools
  • Part Seven: Develop a Trading Strategy
  • Part Eight: How to Implement the Trading Process
  • Part Nine: A Simple Medium-Term Trading Strategy
  • Part Ten: The 10 Trading Habits of Successful Traders


Course Length

Completely up to you. You have 12 months of access.



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Any technical analyst will tell you how many hours, and how much money and energy they’ve spent learning new skills, making mistakes, and listening to “experts” in order to hone their craft.

This is where TECHNICAL ANALYSIS FOR INVESTORS comes in. It gives you a chance to fast track your learning and start becoming the investor you want to be TODAY.

Instructed by experienced Trader, Coach, Consultant, Presenter, and bestselling author, Stuart McPhee, this 10 part series is an introduction to how traders approach their craft addressing the three main components of a complete trading plan – your method, money management, and mindset.

Over six hours of video content, you will learn how traders manage their trading capital by careful allocation to individual trades, how to exit trades at a loss and profit, how to incorporate different techniques into their strategy and how they prepare their mind for the mental rigours of trading.



Stuart McPhee

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