From Marcus

At the insistence of my team, the people who work in this business and rely on its success, here are some of our unsolicited testimonials.

As you will read, a subscription to Marcus Today more than pays for itself, in some cases many many times over.

This success is in stark contrast to the perpetually optimistic habits of competitors in our space who have called the bottom on every bounce, who spin hollow guesswork and hindsight information as sage advice from positions of trust, and whose only ammunition appears to be a series of “conviction” buy recommendations that lack any timing skill or effort and come at the expense of their customers, clients, watchers, subscribers and listeners.

Marcus Today calls it as it is without agenda, puts subscribers first, and it has paid off for real people with real money. That’s what these testimonials tell us.

We publish them for the sake of our business and because if we keep getting testimonials like these, and you read them and send them to others, it will pay off for us too. From a commercial point of view it is a necessity.

Meanwhile keep reading and subscribing. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, and these testimonials are witness to, it is that you are going to hear it from us “as it is”. It may not be what you want to hear, but it will be honest, interesting, educational, entertaining and it will put you first.

I hope you agree.

Happy to take any comments but if you feel we deserve a testimonial please email us on this link – TESTIMONIAL. It is very good for our business if you do. Thanks very much.




Client Testimonials


Extremely beneficial course, Simplify’s the complicated and makes it accessible to the common person. Highly recommend !!

G. M

The Technical Analysis For Investors course with Stuart McPhee is excellent both as a solid introduction for new traders as well as a refresher for those more experienced. Very sensible advice borne from Stuart’s long trading experience. Highly consistent with the Marcus Today team’s philosophy.

D**** R***

I mainly like “Marcus Today” because it is entertaining, witty and well written with a lots insights from experienced “stock market operators”. I am personally a bit more of buy and hold orientated with my own investments but always good to pick up god ideas to think over. I like the longer fairly general pieces like a recent one on what to own if you think the markets are heading for a downturn, one on short selling and an article on what moves share prices short term.

S** H*****

Henry and Marcus provide a service which is a quantum leap beyond any other existing share investing newsletters!