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Be ready for everything that the stock market will throw at you.

You are here because you want to be a better investor. Like many other Australians, you want to take advantage of the greatest wealth creation vehicle ever invented so that you do not have to be stressed about money ever again.

This ‘game’ is not easy, I have been doing it for over 30 years and let me tell you, every day I am still learning new things. The one thing though, that I will never forget and still use every day is the basics. Every skyscraper needs to be built on a solid foundation and for investing, your foundations are the Stock Market Essentials.

This online course will give you an understanding of all of the mysterious corners of the market and equip you with the tips and tricks that you need to be a successful investor. All in our trademark “telling it as it is” style.

After this course you will:

  • Know how to better manage your portfolio
  • Identify better opportunities
  • Know when to get out of duds
  • Be able to talk shop with the best of them
  • Be more confident in your ability to grow your wealth

Stock Market Essentials offers a broad stock market education and is perfect for:

  • Investors that are looking to improve their craft
  • Finance students who want to expand their knowledge base
  • Those who want to invest but simply didn’t know where to start
  • Seasoned pros who are looking for a refresher
  • Self-funded retirees
  • Those nearing retirement and thinking about running their own investments
  • Investors struggling to run their portfolio
  • Investors who want to learn technical skills
  • Traders who want to know more about investing

Course length:

Completely up to you. You have lifetime access.

Marcus Padley

Marcus Padley

Ben O'Leary

Ben O’Leary

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