1. You are not a Broker as such, therefore I place more credence to your information.
2. Your suggestions and comments tend to align with my thoughts and ideas. Call it confirmation bias if you like.
3. Your article last week re what goes on behind the scenes with Brokers is just what I’ve been looking for. It confirmed my suspicions about what “skulduggery” they get up to behind the scenes. I have often “banged on” to my investing friends about how the “big guys” don’t buy or sell at the going price. If they want to buy they will push the price down and the opposite if they want to sell. So what. I’d do the same IF I have the money that they have to Play with. Several of my friends have now been convinced and purchased subscriptions (one for 2 yrs I think). Knowing what moves the market helps me learn to be a better player in this game of “snakes and ladders”.
I hope these few comments give you some insight as to why I subscribe to Marcus Today.