As a subscriber of 10 years or more – firstly in the corporate world of banking and finance, and now retired – your newsletter helps me know the state of the market and individual shares in which I am interested without any bias (really important!). It also helps me understand how the market works in plain language. I can choose to delve deeper – or not – and as I am in no way a share market expert I work to the level that makes sense for me now. It has both complicated (the need to know more) and de-complicated (the need to know when I’m at a point when extra information is pointless) my investment life. One success barometer is that I have made more money than I have lost in the direct market, although I still leave the management of most of our superannuation and pension savings to fund managers. You made that OK too. Most valuable anecdote directly from you at one of your 2018 courses…”I know someone who keeps their retirement money in managed funds and just keeps an eye on the market trends. Gets out when the market falls and gets back in when it starts to rise.” I was already doing this but wasn’t sure if it was the best way to manage our money. Takeaway: do what suits your style and knowledge level best. My husband who has almost zero knowledge of the markets and investments thinks I’m a guru and that’s got to be a good thing! Many thanks for your years of good information with a human touch.