I have been a subscriber for several years. I was attracted to Marcus from the various articles he wrote in the newspaper. I like the direct and understandable content. I had been quite an active “trader” over a number of years with my SMSF. A couple of years ago I put my toe in the water with the MTSMA. I have since added to my positions. I had got to the point where I would closely manage my portfolio and then get busy or travel and not do anything for several weeks. Of course this led to me keeping holdings I should have got rid of and missing some opportunities. I have decided that I would try a few different “managers” and to take myself out of the investing game – leave it to the experts. I have invested in WAM and WGB (not good so far), Platinum Asia and Europe (also just treading water) and the MTSMA – a very good year. I have hybrids and probably too much in term deposits.
I read the MT newsletter on most days just for interest. So my next big decision is at renewal time for MT newsletter. I can follow movements in my MTSMA but I have no short term desire to recommence trading (and I am no good at it). So has the success of the MTSMA put my ongoing subscription at risk. Possibly.