An Introduction to the Stock Market

Are you keen to invest but simply don’t know where to start? Know you want to be in the market but just don’t know what or how to buy? You’re in the right place.

An introduction to the Stock Market will have you ready to start your investing journey in no time.

The FREE online course will give you the foundation knowledge you need to really understand what it means to invest and why you need to be doing it NOW.

After this course you will know:

  • Why the stock market exists
  • What it means to own a share
  • What your investment options are and which suit you best
  • Everything you need to get started in the stock market


The Course Contains 4 Lessons:

  • The Birth of the Stock Market
  • The Power of Compounding Returns
  • What Are Your Options? (including ETF podcast)
  • Everything You Need to Get Started


Course length:

Completely up to you. You have 12 months of access.



Absolutely FREE

Marcus Padley

Ben O’Leary

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