I initially subscribed on your “tell it like it is..” message as I had been suckered into other newsletters that certainly don’t and I stayed because you do what you say on the box. Do you get every call right, no but you do get most right and one of the very few that give you honest, informed market commentary along with fantastic education all with a sense of humour. That’s why I look forward to my market fix first, with Marcus today.
I really like the way you have evolved and suspect that the big increase in subscribers is that you have the newsletter at the moment in just the right space offering everyone what they need/want. ( Chris portfolio’s, daily trade section, henry’s small caps and all the info to guage the daily market temperature…etc etc ) Big kudos for continual improvement as the daily video update and Ask an analyst facebook group are great additions ( you helped me get over the loss of the yourmoney business channel!)